Artists In The House

April 29, 2012

My house is filled with creative energy and creative beings. I love the projects that come out of nowhere and not facilitated by me. Just the other day the two older boys found some poster board and set up with the paints in the basement. We had some minor spills but generally I did not hear much from them for about an hour.

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In the end I had two colorful and fun posters to put up in the twins bedroom. I love the life and energy put into these two pieces – similar but each in their own style.

So for anybody following this blog please note I am probably going to phase this out and move everything here

Though I am still undecided…………….


This is the other instrument as per my recent post that the Mr. Oldest created yesterday. He did not use it very much but he spent quite some time creating and inventing.

Today he restructured everything about it and still he is not using it. I will wait and see – keep you posted. Here is a photo of the modified wind instrument.

So often it is the making far beyond the using that gets these boys going. Makes me wonder why we ever buy toys.

Candy Packets? Innovation

April 14, 2012

I love these little unusual activities my children partake in.  One day I found my 8-year-old sewing these little packets to wrap his candies in.  He used a pair of boxers that he never wears and pulled out the sewing box.  This is my boy who has been known to make packets for his old toys and knick knacks for everybody’s birthday.  Usually he folds paper this way and that – this was the only time her ever sewed and these were not gifts – just packets?

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I think this ability to come up with an idea, gather the supplies and then execute is slowly drawn out of kids who are in school and guided through every activity.  If lots of time is given for this sort of creativity after school then it can be kept alive but most of us are so busy.

Absolutely different strokes for different folks but I am proud that my kids are so very innovative and creative.