Artists In The House

April 29, 2012

My house is filled with creative energy and creative beings. I love the projects that come out of nowhere and not facilitated by me. Just the other day the two older boys found some poster board and set up with the paints in the basement. We had some minor spills but generally I did not hear much from them for about an hour.

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In the end I had two colorful and fun posters to put up in the twins bedroom. I love the life and energy put into these two pieces – similar but each in their own style.

So for anybody following this blog please note I am probably going to phase this out and move everything here

Though I am still undecided…………….


We are so focused on teaching our kids to be good students so that they will have opportunities.  I think we forget to let them be so they can dream, imagine and tap into their great wisdom.  We need to trust that when we let them be they will become opportunity makers and a great gift to this world.

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One of my many experiences in school was being a young woman – searching for answers to life and so then very distracted by my wonderings in class time.  I was plain and simply a “seeker” and my teachers and parents plain and simply thought I was a “slacker”.  So I was labeled “smart but not working to my full potential”.  How many of you had that on your report card?

Below is an example of a moment of wisdom, clarity and inspiration that came in my stillness.  I was actually doing the dishes and had to drop everything – dry my hands and write.  I wrote 3 separate short stories in 2 hours and the stories just rolled off my pencil.  I love that feeling.

It started out with this very small wisdom that kept going round and round in my head:

“Through my darkest days shone the brightest angels and in my cloudiest mornings the sun broke through.  Always and no matter how long in between – things always got better and better keeps on getting better.  Mysterious forms came out of nowhere – in thought and otherwise as persons in my life.  Sometimes they vanished as quickly as they came but they always left a mark and I am grateful for them all.”

This is what happened to me over and over my entire childhood but especially in my teens.  I believe strongly that I am one of many and I wish that our world would catch up and realize that these people – these “seekers” have so much to offer but they are beaten down in a system that thinks it knows better.  As adults we look up to these people but we do not consider that our children did not have to get lost first – then get old to find their way back.

So if you are like me – remember who you are and show up strong and wild.  Bring your gifts.  If you have a child like me – listen hard and do not quiet and busy that beautiful mind.

Learning this big stuff is so much more important than the three R’s.